16 6 / 2012

For the people who didn’t know it yet, the Hallo app is finally available worldwide! With this app you can send voice messages to your friends!
For more info go to www.hallo.me check this video out (with Chester See) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX8UNL1vHlw or read one of my old posts about that app http://ichestersee.tumblr.com/post/23172848549/hallo-app

Some people who use this app:
- Chester See (chester)
- Ryan Higa (Ryan)
- Andrew Garcia (andrewgarcia)
- D-Trix (dtrix)
- Nick Riedell (NickRiedell)
- Chris Riedell (ChrisRiedell)
- David Choi (davidchoimusic)
- Victor Kim (victorvictorkim)
- J.R.A. (JRAquino)
- Lana McKissack (LanaMcKissack)
- Andy Lange (Andy)
- Justin James Huges (JUSTIN)

Have fun! Mine is estherderegt, if you’d ever want to say something to me :)